you’re going to fall in love with a girl
with hair a little longer than mine, another writer-type with all sorts of ideas about things but perhaps a little less aggressive about them, you’re going to kiss her in the ways i taught you and you’re going to figure out some new ways too and when the two of you have sex, she will be just a little bit better at it than i ever have been

you’re going to fall in love with a girl that smells good enough you bury your face in the curve of her neck and her tummy will never growl like
mine always did. she’ll be deep and mysterious but she won’t come with the heavy past sitting on her shoulders. she won’t ever keep you awake with worry. she’ll always text you back
and never bite too hard and never act in a way she can’t explain later. she will not cry when she gets drunk, she’ll just fall asleep beside you.
you’ll fight with her sometimes because all couples fight but it won’t be with the teeth and claws that we had, it will be almost gentle, it will be over before it really gets going

you’re going to love her until you’re no longer really sure if what we had was all that special. you’ll start badmouthing me to all your friends. you’ll forget about me in most moments and eventually you won’t even be able to tell someone what our first date was or our first kiss or even if you fucked me
the last time that we spoke. i’ll just be gone to you, just a memory of a memory, a girl with dark eyes, a half-capable poet, some word on your tongue you’re no longer sure of but you remember that you used to know it.

i will no longer be important.

I really don’t understand where all these awful opinions of me came from, or why they continue to be told to anonymous people for thousands of followers, or even what the fuck Bethannie is talking about half the time. I haven’t said shit about her since we fought, so if someone could tell her to shit her fucking mouth, grow up and get over it, it would be great. I’m done with this bullshit. So just stop. Jesus fucking Christ.

I love it that I have one follower, yet someone has been on my blog enough to know I haven’t had an ask box, I got asked to make one so the person that sent me my first ask could post that anonymously, and then I get accused of sending it to myself. You people are adorable.

Anonymous asked:

i find it hilarious how you havent had an ask box since remaking and suddenly now you have one and the first thing you get is apparently complimenting you for attacking bethannie. its so obvious that you sent that to yourself that it actually hurts to see how absolutely pathetic you are. nobody likes you.

Haha oh really? Thank you for your input anon. But I didn’t actually know you could do that. And I’ve had a couple of people actually text me about it and I know who that anon was. But good try :)